Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register for

We currently offer two ways to register on

  • Create a Memplai Account: With this option you go through a regular registration process where you will enter an email address, profile information and password; your profile will be initiated and you will use your email and password in every future sign in.

  • Use an External Provider: For your convenience we are also offering authentication through popular providers: we currently support Google, Hotmail, Facebook, Yahoo, My Space and Twitter. To register by using an external provider, select your provider at the login screen and click "Sign In". You will be shown an authentication screen, followed by a "Grant Permission" dialog; this dialog asks for your permission to share profile information, such as Name and Email Address, with In order to use an external provider as your sign in method, you must agree to share this basic information. It is important to notice that we will never have access to your password. The authentication occurs at your provider.

How does signing in with my provider (google, hotmail, etc) works?

When signing in with an external provider, you will be prompted to authenticate with your provider credentials (notice the authentication occurs at your provider). You will then be redirected to

This method is more secure and convenient for you; instead of having to create a new username and password, you use the ones you already own in services such a Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Twitter or My Space. The authentication is done at your provider, so we will never handle your password.

In most cases, the first time you try to authenticate, your provider will prompt a confirmation to allow the interaction with, you must agree to continue using the site. Your provider will send us basic information such as Name and Email Address.

All information we receive is used strictly for identification purposes and it is not shared with anyone as per our Privacy Policy.

Is it safe to use an external provider?

Yes, as you will notice, the authentication happens at your provider’s site; so will not handle your credentials at any point of time.

Can I change my Display Name and Profile after I’ve registered?

Yes, you can change your profile information by clicking on the "My Profile" link on the top-right menu. All of your properties are editable with the exception of the email address.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password by clicking on the "Change Password" link on the top-right menu. Please notice that you can only change passwords on accounts that were created as Memplai’s accounts.

If you are using Memplai with an external provider, you will have to change your password on your provider site.

What is a Video Project?

A video project represents an online work space. All files uploaded by you or your friends will be contained within a video project.

Video Projects have very defined boundaries and are not mixed with each other. So you can have multiple active video projects, each one with different members, files and videos.

Is a Video Project secure?

The files uploaded into a video project can only be seen by the project Owner or Administrator. If your friends receive an invitation to collaborate, they will have access to the upload page, where they will see the project name and description, but all other details from the project will not be shared.

How can I create Video Project?

The Video projects page is the default page after you sign in. You can create a video project by clicking on the "Create Video Project" button.

You will be asked for a project Name, Description and Deadline. The name and description are fields intended for you and your friends to identify the project.

The project deadline, which is an optional field, represent the date where you will stop receiving files from the project members. Usually this is the date where you intend to start creating and editing your video.

How can I invite friends, is there a limit?

After you create your video project, you will be sent to a page to invite project members. There are two main options to invite members:

  • By Email: To invite by email, enter the email address of the friends you want to invite, customize the message and click the "Send Invitation" buttons. Your friends will get an email message with the instructions to upload their files.
  • By Twitter: If you try sending a message to someone that is not currently following you, you will receive an error message. To invite, simply select your friends from the list presented to you (if you friend is not displayed, you can search for them), customize the message and click on "Send Invitations". Your friend will receive a message with instructions to upload their files. Invitations by Twitter are sent as a direct message to your friends. Please notice that according to Twitter rules, you can only send direct messages to people that are following you.

Notice that you can come back and invite more people at any time during the project duration. Simply go to the "My Projects" page, hover over the "Project Members" button and select the method you would like for inviting.

How can my friends upload files into my project?

People you invite to participate in a project, will get an upload url link and a verification code (for security purposes). This Url is unique per Video Project, and the verification code is unique per user; that way we can identify exactly who uploaded the files and into what projects.

Users will be able to upload files from their own PC, or select images from their Facebook Photo Albums. Notice that for Facebook Uploads, as a standard Facebook procedure, the users will be prompted with a Facebook Confirmation page that asks for permissions to access photo information.

How do I upload files into the project?

If you own a Video Project, you can reach the upload pages by hovering over the "Video, Pics & Audio Files" buttom. You will be presented with the option to View all files, upload from PC or Upload from Facebook.

What are the upload limits?

Currently there are no limits in the number of files a user can upload; however, each single file can not exceed 200MB in size.

Where can I see my project files?

To see all the project files, go to "My Projects" and hover over the "Videos, Pics & Audio Files" button; you will have the option to "View All".

By clicking on the "View All" link, you will be directed to a page where all your files will be displayed. In this page you will also have the ability to delete specific files.

Can I delete Project files?

Yes, you can delete any files from your project at any time. Simply go to "My Projects" and hover over the "Videos, Pics & Audio Files" button, you will see the option to "View All". Once on the page, you will have the ability to delete any of the files in the project.

Notice that deleting a file that is already contained on a video will not affect the video it self.

What File formats are supported?

The following file formats are supported

  • For Pictures: .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif
  • For Videos: .mpeg, .mpg, .mp4, .avi, .mov, .flv, .wmv
  • For Audio: .wav, .mp3, .wma

How do I know the active members in the project?

From the "My Projects" page, you can hover over the "Project Member" button and select "View All". This view will give you all the details on invitaitons you have sent, and the activity of the members.

Can I un-invite Project Members?

Yes, you can remove members from the project at any time. From the "My Projects" page, hover over the "Project Member" button and select "View All". For each project member, you will see the option to "Remove".

How do I create a Video?

From each Video Project you can create as many videos as you would like. To create a video, go to "My Projects" Page, hover over the "Project Videos" button and click on "Create Video".

You will be asked for a Title and Description. These properties will be public and seen by people watching the video.

You will also be asked about the accesibility of your video. We offer two options:

  • Public on the Web: This means the video will be included in all the search results as well as in our syndication feeds.
  • Anyone with the URL: The video will not be included on any public feed or search, and only people with the direct URL will know how to find it.

Finally, you will also be asked to select a type of editors. We currently provide both a Standard and an Advanced Editor, each one of them with their own set features.

Please notice that your video is created in an un-published mode. We do this to prevent the video from being accessed while it is being worked on.

To publish your Video, you have to go to "My Projects" page, hover over the "Project Videos" button and select "View All". You will be presented with all your existing videos, each one of them will have a "Publish!" link, click on it and your video will be live!

What is an Online Video Editor?

An online video editor is a tool that allows you to create one single video clip out of a collection of videos, pictures and audio files.

Our online video editor is configured to work with the files in your online work space, your video project.

How can I see all my videos?

You can see all videos generated per project by going to "My Projects" page, hover over the "Project Videos" button and select "View All".

Can I edit my video settings?

Yes, you can. Once on the videos page, cick on "Edit" link for the video you want to update.

Can I delete my video settings?

Yes, you can. Once on the videos page, cick on "Delete" link for the video you want to update.

Be aware that you also have the option to "unpublish" your video, which would make it unreachable to regular users, but available for your self..

Can I change a video after is created?

Yes, you can. Once on the videos page, simply click on the "Video Editor" button and the video will be ready for you to update.

I just played my video but the view count did not increase, why is that?

Views are counted once the video is viewed in its entirely; once this has happened, the video count should increase.