At, our goal is to provide our customers with an easy and useful environment to collaborate with your friends and family to create fun and exciting video clips. We aim to give you all the tools you need to create lasting memories in a medium that makes it easy to share with your social network.

In our site, you are in charge of your own production, we allow you to create your own virtual work space, which we call Video Projects. You can create projects, invite the people that you would like to participate, create as many videos as you want by using our online video editors. Finally we have made it easy for you to share your creations with your social network. 


Create Video Projects

Think of a video project as a virtual work space dedicated to a particular project. You can create as many video projects as you would like and configure them separately as needed. For example, I can create a "Camping 2011" project and invite all the friends that went with me on the trip. I can also create a different project called "Peter's Roast", to this project I would invite all friends that would have something to say to Peter.

From the files received in an individual work space, the project owner can generate as many videos as he/she wants. 

Invite People To Participate

Once a video project is created, you probably want to invite friends and family to collaborate with you by sending you all files relevant to the project. Notice that people you invite do not need to register with to collaborate in your project; we have made it as easy as possible so you get the files you need to create your awesome video clip.

You can send invitations via Email or with direct messages on Twitter. Whichever method you prefer, your friends will get a link which will allow them to upload files directly into your video project.

Upload File

Users can upload files from their computer, or select from their photo library at Facebook. Either way, we've made it easy and secure to upload pictures into the video project, and make it immediately available to use when creating a video clip.

Online Video Editors

Creating videos online is a breeze with our online video editor. An intuitive and easy to use timeline based editing, add text slides, extended library of effects, overlays and transitions, remix videos and images and add sountracks.

After your video is created, it will immediately be available for you to watch and share.

Quick Sharin

Now that you have created an awesome video, share it with your friends! We have included quick links to easily share with the most popular social networks. You've done a great job... go and brag about it !

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