From zero to hero! In this tutorial we will show you how to register, create video projects, invite members, upload files and finally create videos and publish them! Everything you need to know to create amazing looking videos.

Registration and Sign In

Memplai offers two types of registration and sign in: Traditional and by 3rd Party Provider; choose the one you prefer...

Traditional Registration

On the traditional method, you create a new account on Memplai providing an email address and password, in addition to basic profile information such as First and Last name. When you return to Memplai.com, you will need to enter your email and password to authenticate and access your account information.

To register or sign in using Traditional Registration, simply go to the sign in page and fill in the appropriate web form.

3rd Party Provider

For your convenience, we are fully integrated with 3rd party providers for registration and sign in. The currently supported providers are: Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Google, MSN Live and Yahoo.

When registering and signing in with a 3rd Party provider, you use your account from the provider to authenticate into Memplai.com. Notice that the authentication will occurr at your provider's site and Memplai will never handle or be exposed to your password.

To register or sign in using a 3rd Party provider, go to the sign in page and select the provider you would like to use. Please note that the first time you do this, your provider will ask you to approve sharing basic information with Memplai.com, such as first name and last name. To continue the registration using this method, you must accept these terms.

Creating Video Projects

After you sign into Memplai.com, you will be directed to the My Video Projects page. A video project represents an online work space where you and your friends collaborate to create videos.

To create a video project, simply click on the "Start New Project" button. You will be asked for some properties like Project Name, Description and Deadline (last day to accept files from your project members). These settings will not be public and will be only used by the video project members as information about the project itself.

Click the "Create" button and that is it! Your video project is created and the fun has begun!

Project Members

The first step after creating your Video Project is to invite project members; you can skip this step if it is not necessary or if you would like to invite members on a later date.

Invitations by Email

To invite members by email, simply enter their email address and customize the mail message as required and click "Send Invitation". A message will be sent to your friends on your behalf with a link and instructions on how to collaborate by uploading files into your projects. 

You can invite as many people as you want, as you can always come back to the invitation screens.

Invitations by Twitter

Twitter invitations are sent as direct messages. Be aware that you can only send direct messages to people that are following you. 

Simply select the people you want to invite, if you don't see your contacts, use the search text box at the top of the list. Now customize the message and click "Send Invitation". You are done! 

Project Files

Video, Picture and Audio files will be used to build the final video clip. You can add files into your projects from your PC or from your Facebook Photo Library. Your friends will get the same upload options.

Add from PC

To upload from your PC, simply select the files you want to upload and click "Continue" (some browsers show this as "Open"). You can select up to 10 files at a time of 100MB each!

Add from Facebook

If you select to add from Facebook you will be presented with your Faceook Albums. To add, simply select the pictures and click "Upload Selected". 

Create Videos  :)

Once you are ready, you can create a video by clicking on the "Create New Video" link under the "Videos" menu of your Video Project. Keep in mind you can create as many videos as possible, so don't be afraid to experiment.

You will be asked a Video Title and Description, these are public properties, meaning that people watching your video will see those. Try to give meaningful titles and descriptions. 

You will also be given the option to make your video public on the web, which means it will appear on search results for everyone to see. Alternatively, you can choose  Anyone with the URL so only people that got the URL will know how to get to the video.

Video Editing & Publishing

The video editor is where your creativity will shine; select the best combination of pictures, videos and audio files to create amazing videos. Notice that we have filled the storyboard for you, but you can always clear it and start from scratch.

The video editor is where your creativity will shine; select the best combination of pictures, videos and audio files to create amazing videos.

Every time you preview your video, it gets saved so you can continue to work on a later date. 

Once your video is ready, make sure to click the "Publish/Download" link. This will publish your video and redirect you to the view page.

Made a mistake? Not to worry, you can always un-publish your video and go back to the editing room.

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